The World Conference on Drowning Prevention comes to Africa in October 2019. Lifesaving South Africa (LSA), the host nation on behalf of the International Lifesaving Federation (ILS), invites partner organizations to join hands with us to host a successful conference in Durban as well as partner for a greater good –  prevent drowning.

The prevention of drowning requires concerted global advocacy more so among many low income countries and less adaptive populations. In such countries there are no lifesaving lead organizations and little government support.  The call for the spirit of “Ubuntu” – that is to share capacity and expertise across borders and political divides – becomes even more emphatic.

Sadly, drownings are not peculiar to developing nations as it could occur anywhere and at anytime. Drownings are preventable tragedies and while voluntary lifesavings organizations take the lead to save lives, it can be reduced and prevented through collaborative efforts of governments, corporates, communities and families. The conference aims to provide evidence-based research to inform drowning prevention strategies, lifeguarding and rescue best practices, medical treatment of patients rescued and risk management of aquatic environments.

We invite companies involved in the development of equipment, products, technologies and services to partner with us in prevention and safety in aquatic environments and urge you to be part of this significant biennial event in sunny and welcoming Durban, SA. 

Dhaya Sewduth. (Voluntary Director: Drowning Prevention, Lifesaving South Africa and WCDPLOC Chair

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Ubuntu, Growing global drowning prevention capacity

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